IBA Pty Ltd and the local promoter in the Canary Islands Maldito Rodríguez are pleased to announce the biggest event in Bodyboarding, the 2010 IBA El Frontón Invitational! The event will feature the best Bodyboarders on the planet at one of the wildest waves, streamed LIVE via satellite on Red Bull Web TV.

The 2010 IBA El Fronton Invitational will be held on the best single day over an 11 day waiting period from 10th – 21st December 2010.

Based in the Canary Islands, El Frontón provides the ultimate canvas to show performance Bodyboarding at its most extreme. Regarded as one of the wildest waves on the planet, El Frontón is feared and respected for its raw power breaking on a shallow reef set among the striking cliffs of Gran Canaria. El Frontón is also known for its amazing ramps allowing the riders to launch out of the most extreme sections witnessed in any form of surfing.

The 16 athletes chosen for this elite event are nothing short of the world’s best Bodyboarders. The format sees 12 internationals and 4 locals competing in a one-day shoot out. Featuring 8 past and present World Champions the line up is arguably the best field ever assembled for competitive Bodyboarding. Besides the 8 World Champions, the organizers found it extremely difficult to choose the other 4 international riders amongst so the many talented bodyboarders around the world. The riders hail from all corners of the planet and include:

Mike Stewart (USA)

Jeff Hubbard (USA) Pierre Loius Costes (Europe)

Amaurey Lauverne (Europe)

Damian King (Australia)

Ben Player (Australia)

Ryan Hardy (Australia)

Dave Winchester (Australia)

Jared Houston (South Africa)

Andre Botha (South Africa)

Guilherme Tamega (Brazil)

Uri Valado (Brazil)

The fact is its very hard for the organizers to select 4 local riders, these names will be confirmed over the next days.

Red Bull TV will be streaming the event live via satellite on Red Bull Web TV (http://www.redbull.com/tv). With a professional production crew capturing footage from land and water along with legendary commentator Manny Vargas on the microphone, this is going to be an event not to be missed.

The event format will see 4 man – 30 minute heats, with a 40 minute final, providing over 4 hours of action packed entertainment.

Two times World Champion Damian King stated “I think the event at El Fronton will be the most prestigious event in the world. This is one event that everyone is going to want to win!!!!

While another multiple World Champ, Ben Player added his perspective “‘El Fronton is one of the shallowest and most gnarly waves in the world, so when you add 16 of the best bodyboarders in an event out there things are going to get crazy. Egos will be broken and injuries likely in the most highly anticipated event in bodyboarding’s history.’