The local high school football players have worn personal helmets for at least seven years. The majority of schools have at least a few players using helmets that are individually owned, while some are seeing more of their players buying their own helmets.

How Much Does A Football Helmet Cost?


Average Price

Schutt Helmets

$75 to $200

How Much Does A New Helmet Cost?

It might cost $450 to buy a standard full face motorcycle helmet, while $150 to buy a half face helmet. Prices for youth motorcycle helmets typically start at $100 on average.

What Is The Cost Of A High School Football Helmet?


Average Price

Revo Speed Helmet

$200 to $325

How Much Does It Cost To Certify A Football Helmet?

A person reconditioning their helmet typically spends between $60 and $100 on the process. The cost of a whole team reconditioning can vary, but the average cost per helmet is $40 to $50 and can be as low as $20 for youth helmets.

What Do You Have To Buy For High School Football?

Trainers should use dummies and sleds, power training gear, and kicking tee to get started. You can protect yourself from hard hits on the football field with shoulder pads, hip and tail pads, back plates, and rib protection. A player’s essential football accessory is a skull cap, eye black, sweat towel, or water bottle.

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