A year after entering rehab, he ended his addiction. As a result, he has spoken out about the dangers of substance abuse. In addition to spending time with his grandchildren, Campbell, now 65, still lives in Austin.

What Was Earl Campbell Addicted To?

Campbell said in a 2013 interview that he developed an addiction to painkillers after his fifth back surgery in 2009. Campbell said his sons spoke to him, shared their concerns, and he was admitted to a rehabilitation facility after they shared their concerns. In an interview, he said he has been sober for the last 12 years after overcoming addiction.

What Nfl Team Did Earl Campbell Play For?

As the first player taken in the 1978 National Football League Draft, Earl Campbell, a 5-11, 232-pound ball carrier from the University of Texas, joined the Houston Texans.

Did Earl Campbell Pass Away?

Campbell’s husband, B., is her mother. Their son, 11, died of a heart attack after being born with Campbell’s heart disease. Campbell, 54, played for the Houston Oilers and New Orleans Saints in the NFL. He is a businessman in Austin, Texas. Campbell’s son’s trophy was displayed at her home by her mother.

What Health Issues Does Earl Campbell Have?

Since 1985, Campbell has been suffering from great pain. It is believed that he never paralyzed during his playing days, and by today’s medical standards, he would not have been able to play the game because of his spinal condition in 1999.

How Many Years Did Earl Campbell Play Nfl Football?

The high number of carries Campbell carried (373 in 1980 was an NFL record at the time) took their toll, and his play began to decline soon after his mid-season trade to the New Orleans Saints in 1984. The 1985 season was his last in professional football. Eight seasons were all that Campbell played for the Eagles.

Can Earl Campbell Walk?

Campbell felt someone hit him that very moment, and that hit came from Jack Tatum, “The Assassin”. (The hit came on Campbell’s fourth carry of the game). Despite the fact that he has trouble walking due to his balance problems, Earl Campbell can walk.

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