LMNOP DK List of riders

Here is the lsit of guys for the LMNOP DK Pro riders in alphabetical order.

No more entries will be accepted and only 24 riders from this list of 27 will be entered. The remaining 3 will be alternates.

This event will be staged on the third and final day of the event window.

Ricky    ALVEREZ    Hawaii
Damien    BOONE    Hawaii
Francios    BORDET   New Cal
Brandon    FOSTER    Sth Africa
Landon    GASPAR    Hawaii
Darren    HALSE    England
Ivan    HERNANDEZ   Canary Is
Dave    HUBBARD    Hawaii
Ardiel    JIMENEZ    Canary Is
Leroy    KAIWI    Hawaii
Rob    KEYSER    Hawaii
Matt    LACKEY    Australia
Kyle    MATSUMOTO    Hawaii
KAINOA    MCGEE    Hawaii
Micah    McMULLIN    Hawaii
Bud    MIYAMOTO    Hawaii
Matias    MUNIZ    Chile
Fabio    PAGAN  
Jacob    PEMBROOK    Hawaii
Willy    PETROVIC    Hawaii
Marcus    RODRIGUES    Hawaii
Mason    ROSE    Australia
Cass    SONODA    Hawaii
Sacha    SPECKER    Sth Africa
Glen    SULLIVAN    Australia
Chris    TALOA    Hawaii

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Dubb wins Pipe

Hubbard won The Foam Company Drop Knee Pipeline Pro contest yesterday at the Banzai Pipeline.

The one-day event was run in clean wave-face heights that ranged from 6 to 12 feet.

“Today was perfect conditions for drop knee,” said Hubbard, 27. “And the level of competition is really high, so you had to be at your best in every heat.”

When it comes to drop-knee bodyboarding — which requires the competitors to ride bodyboards with a one-knee stance —Hubbard showed why he is regarded as the best in the world.

He is the three-time defending world champion of the drop knee world tour. Last year, he won all three contests on the tour.

Yesterday’s contest was the first stop on the 2010 world tour.

“I definitely feel like I have pressure on me,” Hubbard said. “I always feel like I have to make the finals at every contest.”

His abilities were pushed to the limit yesterday.

He trailed for most of the 25-minute heat, then took the lead with around five minutes remaining with a score of 8.1 (out of 10) for a nice barrel ride. Hubbard finished with a two-wave score of 15.2, which was enough to edge Australia’s Kim Feast.

“He’s such a good contest rider,” Feast said of Hubbard. “Maybe it’s the Hawaiian genetics. He’s got these waves to hone his skills on and today it was perfect.”

Ricky Alvarez of the Big Island held the lead early in the heat, and ultimately finished in third place.

Bud Miyamoto of Kaua’i was fourth, Sacha Specker of South Africa was fifth, and Jacob Pembrook of Kaua’i was sixth.

Hubbard received $1,500, which was fitting since he paid the $5,000 deposit fee out of his own account to secure the contest. Last year, there was no drop knee contest at Pipeline due to a lack of sponsorship money.

“I just wanted to make sure we got a chance to surf Pipe,” Hubbard said.

Hubbard and his older brother, Jeff, are still in contention in the Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro, which needs one more day of competition.

Stewart captures bodysurfing again

Mike Stewart of the Big Island won the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic for a record 12th time yesterday.

The final was also staged at the Banzai Pipeline.

Stewart last won the event in 2008. It was not held last year due to a permit issue.

Chris Kalima was second, Mark Cunningham third, Frederic David fourth, Craig Watson fifth and Steve Kapela sixth.

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Landmark moment for IBA

The IBA World Tour took a quantum leap forward today when a contract

was signed between IBA and a new company that will manage the 2011 tour.

“We are about to enter a new era of professionalism” said IBA International General manager Terry McKenna.

“The current team has taken the sport as far as we could with the limited resources we had, but this new company (IBA Pty Ltd) will take it to a whole new level”

IBA Pty Ltd is a group of investors lead by astute businessman and avid bodyboarder Gregg Taylor. They have a clear and concise plan for the future of the IBA that includes

·      A new website and content manager

·      A new TV series on each of the GSS events

·      A new surfing format and two-tiered system (Grand Slam Series GSS & Global Qualifying series GQS)

·      New venues like Tahiti and Mexico as well as BOX and Fronton.

The tour was officially handed to the new company yesterday and Gregg Taylor is already  heading to Europe to sign new contracts with potential sponsors.

More information and a full-blown youtube clip will be released in the coming weeks explaining the new Tour.

will be the 2011 IBA Tour manager and several of the current team members are also working for the new IBA. It’s an exciting time and we can not wait to showcase this sport to a new worldwide audience.


Terry McKenna
General Manager IBA International Inc

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I arrived to Hawaii 6 days ago and it has been non-stop. It’s been pumping, I’ve been surfing 3 times a day every day and am really starting to feel it. My eyes are red and my skin rashed….not to mention my molten mind.
Here’s a Facebook shot from one of the bigger days

Ben Player – Pipeline
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Rigby leads GQS ratings into BOX

Australian Tom Rigby (Qld) has moved one step closer to making the elite Top 24 in 2012 by taking the maximum 2000 points up for grabs at the IBA Pipe Pro in Hawaii.

The Global Qualifying Series (GQS) is structured in a way that there are three different equations that come into play to get a final end of year ranking

  1. The best result in a GSS Trials
  2. The best result in a GQS stand alone event
  3. The National Tour ranking

Rigby has claimed the maximum points available for a GSS Trials with his second at Pipe and can now focus on the second and third part of the equation

“ I honestly thought if I make the money round I would be happy”said Tom.

“ But I just kept getting through heats and ended up in the final. So I had to keep reevaluating at the end of every heat”

Rigby will now look towards the 6 Star Primary events for his next big result as well as a strong showing on the Rebel Sport Pro Tour for his National ranking.

The first of the 6 Star Primary GQS events will be the Peruvian Inka Challenge and Tom has his sights set on that event.

“ I am looking at all my options but I’d say that I will go to South America again and if all goes well maybe do Europe too” he added.

The other 6 Star GQS events will be at Ferrol during the Sintra leg and also the SA Pro at Knights Beach South Australia in September.

“ I really want to make the Top 8 of the GQS this year and get a contract with IBA for 2012 on the Top 24 GGS series” said Rigby.

The GQS ratings have been designed in such a way that riders like Tom can get one good result and then not have to leave their country to qualify for the GSS if they has success on the National Tour and GQS 6 Star event.

The next chance for another rider to gain the maximum 2000 points will be the BOX Trials at Gas Bay, WA in April.

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Day 1 Peruvian Inka Challenge

The first day of the 2011 PIC challenge took place today in some fun wave s at Chilca.

Only 1 round of both the Pro Men and the DK were surfed and the results are below

Pro Men R1

Heat 1NameInfoP
33Kalani LattanziBrazil1
48Lucas IsnardBrazil3
49Juan Manoel MaldonadoPeru2
Heat 2NameInfoP
40Daniel BacigalupoPeru2
41Adam MorleySth Africa1
56Eugenio NicollinePERU3
Heat 3NameInfoP
36Emiliano TabareArgentina1
45Manuel RodriguezPeru3
52Adriano SilveiraBrazil2
Heat 4NameInfoP
37Leonardo CostaBrazil2
44Carlos SierraPeru3
53Igor SanchezCanary1
Heat 5NameInfoP
35Nicolas ChiaraArgentina2
46Renan FacciniBrazil1
51Joao GabrielBrazil3
Heat 6NameInfoP
38Renato ArelanoChile1
43Renzo FassioliPeru3
54Alejandro HernandezVenezuela2
Heat 7NameInfoP
34Roberto BrunoBrazil1
47Miguel FelicianoPuerto Rico2
50Luis FungPeru3
Heat 8NameInfoP
39Gabriel BrantesChile1
42Marcelo FreitasBrazil2

Pro DK R1

Heat 1NameInfoP
9David VelazquezVenezuela3
16Javier CruzadoPuerto Rico4
17Daniel AlvesBrazil1
24Manoel RodriguezPeru2
Heat 2NameInfoP
12Jorge HurtadoPeru3
13Emiliano TabareArgentina2
20Miguel FelicianoPuerto Rico4
21Renato ArellanoChile1
Heat 3NameInfoP
11Kiko GaldosPeru3
14Jeff HubbardHawaii1
19Luis FungPeru2
22Victor CheroPeru4
Heat 4NameInfoP
10Javier AraujoPeru2
15Ricardo SoteloPeru1
18Daniel PazPeru3
23Dario TaniVenez4

The main site to refer to is peruvianchallenge.com,although the PIC Facebook page may be updated a little quicker, so become a fan of them there too.
– TVPeru ran a broadcast from the event’s official opening and you can also see photos from the night here.
– When the event’s live, the live broadcast is found here and the heat draw will be here.

Note: 10pm Australian East Coast Time (or 8pm in WA) is 7am in Peru on the same day.
At the moment the swell forecast looks pretty good for Saturday & Sunday, the final two days of the comp. Then it looks like that stretch of coastline gets solid…

The conditions are shaping up insane for the weekend with a big swell expected to hit just in time for the finals.

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