How to Dress Like Your Favorite Sports Stars

How to Dress Like Your Favorite Sports Stars

This year a very big trend that has been taking the world by storm is athleisure wear. A lot of us spent the majority of last year slumming it at home and we were not ready to return to the world of tight jeans and uncomfortable clothing.

Many of us were inspired by some of our favorite sports stars and their casual and comfortable clothes. Though many of us have mastered the art of dressing for comfort, many of us have been struggling to find the balance between comfort and style. If you are someone that can relate to this struggle, then you may be looking for inspiration for what to wear. There is no better place to look for athleisure wear inspiration than your favorite sports stars. Here are some handy tips on how you can dress like the stars that you look up to.

Trendy Trainers

Dressing down for comfort only works if you have some trendy trainers to match it with. You cannot expect to match a tracksuit with a pair of heels or boots and so to complete your sports star outfit, we recommend that you get yourself some comfortable trainers. Right now, some of the most popular sports shoes you can buy are Jordans, but they can be quite pricey. With so many Jordans being released all of the time, it can be hard to keep track of which ones are in right now. Trying to figure this out for yourself can be challenging, which is why we recommend that you use a site that will do it for you. One of the most popular sites for Jordans is flight archives, which keeps track of every shoe ever released or worn by Michael Jordan himself.

I recommend that you have a browse of this site so you can gain some further education on which shoes can be bought right now and which shoes are fashionable.

Comfortable Bottoms

Another recommendation for dressing like your favorite sports stars is wearing comfortable bottoms. Right now there has been a resurgence in the number of people wearing baseball shorts and cycling shorts as a part of their daily fashion. These comfortable bottoms can be matched with a sports jersey or just any of your day to day clothing.

Swapping out your usual jeans or trousers for some more comfortable clothing will make going about your daily business much easier. As we are approaching the colder months of the year, then wearing more dressed down clothing is much more acceptable, then we recommend that you indulge as much as you would like.

Support Your Favorite Team

Something that you have likely noticed is that the sports stars that you love, often dress in merchandise of their teams. This merchandise is available to purchase from several online sources and will complete any sporty outfit that you may put together. This merchandise can be quite pricey, but it will really bring your whole look together and will show support for the teams that you know and love.

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A Defining Moment for Bodyboarding

IBA Pty Ltd and the local promoter in the Canary Islands Maldito Rodríguez are pleased to announce the biggest event in Bodyboarding, the 2010 IBA El Frontón Invitational! The event will feature the best Bodyboarders on the planet at one of the wildest waves, streamed LIVE via satellite on Red Bull Web TV.

The 2010 IBA El Fronton Invitational will be held on the best single day over an 11 day waiting period from 10th – 21st December 2010.

Based in the Canary Islands, El Frontón provides the ultimate canvas to show performance Bodyboarding at its most extreme. Regarded as one of the wildest waves on the planet, El Frontón is feared and respected for its raw power breaking on a shallow reef set among the striking cliffs of Gran Canaria. El Frontón is also known for its amazing ramps allowing the riders to launch out of the most extreme sections witnessed in any form of surfing.

The 16 athletes chosen for this elite event are nothing short of the world’s best Bodyboarders. The format sees 12 internationals and 4 locals competing in a one-day shoot out. Featuring 8 past and present World Champions the line up is arguably the best field ever assembled for competitive Bodyboarding. Besides the 8 World Champions, the organizers found it extremely difficult to choose the other 4 international riders amongst so the many talented bodyboarders around the world. The riders hail from all corners of the planet and include:

Mike Stewart (USA)

Jeff Hubbard (USA) Pierre Loius Costes (Europe)

Amaurey Lauverne (Europe)

Damian King (Australia)

Ben Player (Australia)

Ryan Hardy (Australia)

Dave Winchester (Australia)

Jared Houston (South Africa)

Andre Botha (South Africa)

Guilherme Tamega (Brazil)

Uri Valado (Brazil)

The fact is its very hard for the organizers to select 4 local riders, these names will be confirmed over the next days.

Red Bull TV will be streaming the event live via satellite on Red Bull Web TV ( With a professional production crew capturing footage from land and water along with legendary commentator Manny Vargas on the microphone, this is going to be an event not to be missed.

The event format will see 4 man – 30 minute heats, with a 40 minute final, providing over 4 hours of action packed entertainment.

Two times World Champion Damian King stated “I think the event at El Fronton will be the most prestigious event in the world. This is one event that everyone is going to want to win!!!!

While another multiple World Champ, Ben Player added his perspective “‘El Fronton is one of the shallowest and most gnarly waves in the world, so when you add 16 of the best bodyboarders in an event out there things are going to get crazy. Egos will be broken and injuries likely in the most highly anticipated event in bodyboarding’s history.’

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Jamie O’Brien scores a seed in IBA Grand Slam at Pipe…

In one of the most extraordinary twists in modern Pro surfing, Pipeline local Jamie O’Brien has been granted a start in the seeded rounds of the Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro.

This is the first event on the International Bodyboarding Association Men’s World Tour for 2009 and carries a Grand Slam status as well as double points towards the championship.

International General Manager of the IBA Terry McKenna says that O’Brien started his surfing career on a bodyboard as a kid before making the transition to fibreglass.  

“Apparently Jamie was into it when he was younger and still feels keen enough about it to have a start in the event. Word on the street is that he can still hold his rail in and ride deep in the barrel at Pipe, so it will be amazing to watch ” said McKenna.

“Jamie is one of the most innovative surfers in the world and an astounding waterman so I would not put it past him to blow some minds at his home break.”

“I can only imagine that this will be one of the most highly anticipated heats of the year and watched by everyone in the surfing community. It’s a bold move and a first for the IBA ” said McKenna.

Jamie O’Brien had a different sort of sandpit to play in as a child. His backyard was Pipeline and no one knows this break better than him. This is supported by the fact that he was the youngest surfer to ever win the Pipeline Masters ASP event and recently won the backdoor shootout.

O’Brien will be seeded into the rounds 33-80 in a field of 144.

Checkout an interesting interview with Jamie here

The waiting period begins on Feb 17th and continues till Feb 27th with the best three days being used for competition.

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Encanto Pro Puerto Rico Finals Press Release

Dave Hubbard

Had he won he would have become the first person to win two divisions in the same event. Dave Hubbard from Hawaii showed his versatility on a bodyboard when he won the dropknee final against new world champion Damian King and came second to Frenchman Pierre-Louis Costes in the men’s final at the Encanto Pro Puerto Rico today.

With less than 30 seconds left in the final the Frenchman still needed a good scoring wave to win, in the hollow four to six foot conditions. A wave came his way and he gave it his all, landing two back flips in a row and getting the score. His friends carried him on their shoulders to the presentation area where he celebrated his first Grand Slam Series win in front of the cheering crowd. “It feels amazing, it’s my first grand slam victory. I’ve been waiting for this one for a while. If you don’t win you’re never happy and I finally got that feeling” said Pierre-Louis Costes.

Before she surfed in the final, Lilly Pollard from Gerringong in New South Wales Australia told current Women’s World Tour leader Eunate Aguirre, she would win the event for her. A win would stop her nearest rival, other finalist and reigning world champion Brazilian Isabela Sousa, closing the gap between them in their title race. The Brazilian could not find the form she had in her semi-final performance, where she scored a perfect ten, was left in a combination situation at the end of the final.

Pollard’s experience of riding the heavy reefs around her hometown helped her to victory as she rode two barrels, rolling out of the one, flawlessly. “After seeing Isabela’s heat yesterday I knew it was going to be a challenge”, said Pollard after the final.

Both Men’s and Women’s World Tour titles will be decided at the final event of each respective tour; the Men’s in the Canary Islands and the Women’s in the Azores. Pierre-Louis Costes has leapfrogged up the rankings to second and 300 points behind tour leader Jeff Hubbard while Pollard’s win has pushed her into third position on the WWT and Aguirre has maintained a 379 points lead on Sousa.

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Puerto Escondido, commonly referred to as “The Mexico Pipeline“, is an internationally recognized surfing paradise and desperately needs the help of the global surf community.

The town of Puerto Escondido was devastated by Hurricane Carlotta on Friday 15th June, 2012.  Two children died when their house was taken by a mudslide, and one 56-year-old woman passed away when the wind from the category 2 hurricane flipped her car.  The beach side town has been severely damaged and is in need of urgent assistance to rebuild this community that thrives on tourism.

The Puerto Escondido lifeguards are in need of help due to all damage cause by the hurricane. They used to have 8 towers along the beach at Playa Zicatela and now there’s not a single one of them. This is just one example of what is required to help rebuild the local community; another is to promote tourism back to the area to stimulate the local economy.

The International Bodyboarding Association (IBA) has launched a global campaign to “Salvemos Puerto” (Save Puerto).

The IBA is looking to raise US$100,000 for the base funding to stage the IBA Zicatella Pro at Puerto Escondido from August 8 – August 18, 2012. The event will be used as a platform to achieve the primary objectives of:

  1. Driving tourism to the town of Puerto Escondido and to promote the area as a safe tourist destination in order to drive the local economy
  2. Raise funds and mobilise resources to rebuild the 8 lifeguard towers at Playa Zicatela.

The core campaign is to sell 5000 “Salvemos Puerto” t shirts @ $30 each to raise the required funding to achieve the above objectives.

The Bodyboard Industry has also donated over $150,000 of merchandise at no cost to help raise the required funds. The following limited merchandise packs will be made available for sale with all funds raised going to the Salvemos Puerto Campaign:

  • $60 pack (x500 units);
  • $80 pack (x250 units); and
  • $100 pack (x500 units)

Turbo Surf Designs, Reeflex Wetsuits, Inverted Bodyboarding and Freedom Fins are donating products for each of the packs so that the retail value of each pack far exceeds the ticket price. As such it is a legitimate offering in its own right.

The campaign is to raise the first $100,000 prior to 8th July via merchandise sales through to the conclusion of the event via a viral campaign to raise awareness and funding globally.


More information on Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido remains a traditional Mexico fishing village in the State of Oaxaca on the southern Mexico Pacific coast. Puerto is very Un-Cancun and offers a rare taste of old Mexico with some of the best beaches in Mexico.

A Personal Account From a Local Resident

For starters the whole population of Puerto and the towns nearby were definitely NOT ready for this. The authorities were saying on the local radio it was a tropical storm and not a Category 2 hurricane. So lots of people were not prepared for what we all felt.

The storm started hitting us around 7pm with strong winds, about 50mph. The winds increased slowly until the eye of the storm was right on top of us and everything stopped. Lots of people thought it was over, but it was far from over.

That was around 8pm. As soon as the eye moved on, the winds finally came on strong, around 90mph, with gusts up to around 120mph. The darkness made things a lot worse, I think. No one could actually see what was going on.
Lots of houses lost their roofs and those inside had to run to find shelter somewhere else. I gave shelter to a family of 10 — all in one room, hiding till next morning. The windows were whistling like crazy. It was scary. Lots of windows split apart.

Winds lasted until 10pm, I think, and then the rain came. It was maybe not as strong as Hurricane Pauline in ’97, but some people think the winds were stronger this time due to the wind direction.

Only a little part of the harbor area has electricity as of Monday morning. Slowly, it’s getting fixed and power’s being turned on in other areas of town. The area by the Point still has no power or running water. I don’t even want to imagine how it is for the little communities far from here where the hurricane blasted them as well.

Two children died when their house was taken by a mudslide nearby, and one 56-year-old woman passed away when the wind flipped her car.)

Saturday morning was really sad and awful to see all kinds of people who had lost everything the night before. Hundreds of trees had fallen all over the town. Dogs were running like crazy, as if they were wild dogs on the streets. All streets were still flooded. I can’t even imagine how they were when the rain was at its strongest point on Friday night.

Lifeguards were the first to evaluate all the damage by the beach. All eight towers were completely smashed. At the harbor, there was not a single boat in the water. All boats had to be taken out. Ironically, a restaurant called the Split Coconut was split in half by the only palm tree that fell down in the entire area.

Now there’s been lots of helicopters flying the area trying to evaluate all damage in the region and federal resources should be coming in shortly.

YouTube clip of the Hurricane and the aftermath:

The IBA Zicatela Pro

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Jeff Hubbard wins Peru!!

The 2009 Peruvian Inka Challenge has been won by Jeff Hubbard (Hawaii)

He defeated local Jorge Hurtado (Peru) in the final to make history as the first ever winner of an IBA event in Peruvian waters.

Canary Islanders Ardiel Jimenez and Oliver Herrera finished equal third.

Almost 5,000 spectators lined the shore of Chilca to support the event and this will guarantee the longevity of the IBA’s newest event on Tour.

The crew now pack up and head towards Arica for the second Grand Slam for Men, The Arica Chilean Challenge, so stay tuned for more action from

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Dave Winchester Wins the 2011 Shark Island Challenge

Australia’s Dave Winchester (Mullumbimby/North Coast NSW) won the Shark Island Challenge in near perfect powerful 2m surf at the notorious Shark Island reef off the point of Cronulla

This prestigious specialty event  sanctioned by the  International Bodyboard Association (IBA) only runs when Shark Island produces great waves and today’s international field enjoyed idyllic conditions as the 2m swell barrelled across the shallow outer reef.

Winchester started the final slowly and was virtually scoreless ten minutes into the 40 minute final allowing local Cronulla rider Andrew Lester to build up a solid lead but his patience paid off when he found the biggest and best wave of the final, negotiated a long barrelling section by foamballing his way through the tube scoring a  strong 7.8.

Shortly after Winchester found another excellent barrel ride and opened up a huge lead when he scored an excellent 8.03 and his fellow competitors were unable challenge him with Winchester winning the final on a scoreline across his top two rides of 15.83 to Lester on 13.5 with Hawaii’s Mike Stewart in 3rdplace and Nth Sydney rider Ben Player in 4th.

“It’s the biggest win of my career for sure” said an elated Winchester after the final.

“This event has a lot of history and to be added to the winners list is special.”

“The waves were exceptional, perfect barrels and the final had a lot to do with picking off the best waves and scoring the deepest barrel rides – I waited for those waves and it was a winning strategy for sure.”

For popular local rider Andrew Lester it was his second  2nd placed finish in this event as a win continues to elude him.

Hawaiian Mike Stewart   never found the right waves in the final but the nine time Bodyboard World Champion enjoyed his day none-the-less.

“It’s a great Bodyboard wave out here – seriously intense and ideal for the best riders to compete in” said Stewart.

“I didn’t have a great final but I scored plenty of great waves through the quarters and semi’s and it’s been a really good day.”

Stewart was awarded the best barrel ride of the day for a 9 point ride he scored on his final ride in the semi finals which saw him jump from 4th place to 2nd and got him into the final.

Nth Sydney rider Ben Player (Avalon) also had a disappointing final placing 4th after dominating his quarter and semi finals and was awarded the best aerial move of the event which he pulled in his semi final win.

Final Placings –

1st Dave Winchester (AUS/Mullumbimby)

2nd Andrew Lester (AUS/Cronulla)

3rd Mike Stewart (Hawaii)

4th Ben Player (AUS/Avalon)

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GoPro Confirmed as the Naming Sponsor of the 2013 IBA GoPro Pipe Challenge

The International Bodyboarding Association Pty Ltd (IBA) and GoPro are pleased to announce a partnership for the 30th Anniversary of the 2013 IBA GoPro Pipe Challenge Hawaii. The relationship will extend to a broader partnership with GoPro becoming the naming sponsor for the 2013 IBA GoPro Grand Slam Series.

The partnership has been formed on the back of an amazing effort by the passionate and loyal global Bodyboarding community who have been long-time supporters of the innovative range of GoPro products.

The 30th Anniversary of the IBA Pipe Challenge was under threat due to a lack of sponsorship support for the event. GoPro heard the call for help and responded the best way possible to support the sport of Bodyboarding.

The IBA GoPro Pipe Challenge will be held at the infamous Pipeline on the North Shore of Hawaii from February 19 – March 1, 2013. This year will be the 30th anniversary of this historic event that will see the best Bodyboarders from around the world compete over 4 days of competition in the Mens, Womens and Drop Knee divisions. The event will be streamed live utilising GoPro technology at

The IBA GoPro Pipe Challenge is the first stop of the 2013 World Tour of Bodyboarding, known as the IBA GoPro Grand Slam Series. The Grand Slam Series sees the top 32 male athletes compete in a 9 stop World Tour in some of the best wave locations in the world including; Pipeline Hawaii; South Coast NSW Australia; Arica Chile; Itacoatiara Brazil; Puerto Escondido Mexico; Reunion Island; South Africa; Puerto Rico; and El Fronton in the Canary Islands.

Statement from founder and CEO of GoPro, Nicholas Woodman: 

“It’s on. We are doing this thanks to you, your passion for your sport and your longstanding support of GoPro. You’ve been with us since the early days and we are stoked to return the favor. We are honestly blown away by your open hearted stoke for GoPro and cannot wait to share some waves with you at Pipe or wherever else our paths may cross in the water. It is awesome that you thought of us to help in this way and we are fired up to deliver! Hi5s all the way around from Nick and everyone at GoPro.”

IBA Managing Director, Gregg Taylor Manager went on to say; “This is an exciting partnership for the sport of Bodyboarding. The team at IBA and the millions of Bodyboarders globally are genuinely appreciative of the amazing support by GoPro. 2013 is shaping up as an exciting year and we look forward to showing the world what the IBA GoPro Grand Slam Series can deliver with the innovative range of GoPro products.”

About GoPro

GoPro makes the world’s most versatile cameras, enabling people to capture immersive and engaging footage of themselves during their favorite activities. GoPro’s HERO line of wearable and gear mountable cameras are used collectively by more consumers, professional athletes, and video production professionals than any other camera in the world. Based in San Mateo, California, GoPro’s products are available in stores in more than 100 countries worldwide and direct via our online store at

Alistair Taylor (ZAF)
Jeff Hubbard (HAW)
Andrew Lester (AUS)
Mike Stewart (HAW)
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Uri Wins The Noronha Ambiental Bodyboard Pro 2011 with a 10 point ride

Last Saturday I won an incredible competition in Fernando de Noronha, an Island in north of Brazil, with amazing waves.

I won against Jose Otavio, who is a very difficult Brazilian bodyboarder to beat.

I was so stoked to manage to get a 10 in the final, and my other wave was a 8.6z7, it ended up being the best two combined scores of the competition. It was an amazing competition.

Below are some photos by Tony D’Andrea

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THE 2013 “N.S.W SOUTH COAST CRUSADE” presented by STOKE FACTORY and supported by ID BOARDS.

The International Bodyboarding Association (I.B.A) is proud to announce the 2nd event on the 2013 GoPro IBA World Tour – The 2013 N.S.W South Coast Crusade.

Event dates April 18th – May 1st 2013.

Kiama and the surrounding regions will play host to the IBA GoPro Grand Slam Series for the first time in bodyboarding history. The event will attract the biggest names in the sport like 10 x world champion MIKE STEWART (Hawaii), 3 x & current world champion JEFF HUBBARD (Hawaii), 2013 Pipeline champion Ben Player (Australia) & many more of the world’s best Bodyboarder’s.

As a mobile event, the IBA & it’s athletes will explore the South Coast of NSW (Kiama region) in search of the ultimate bodyboarding waves that are on offer in late April. Some of the most renowned Bodyboarding beach & reef breaks are located on the NSW south coast and the IBA hopes to deliver what is predicted to be one of the most memorable and adventurous Bodyboarding contests ever.

The beautiful town of Kiama is located on the NSW south coast roughly a 90 minutes drive south of Sydney. It is renowned for its beautiful countryside and white sand beaches.

“I can’t wait to get back down to Australia for the NSW IBA Mobile event. Kiama is so beautiful and relaxing. I am excited to be staying there and to be surfing those waves for two whole weeks. It is going to be legendary.” – Jeff Hubbard  (3 times & current world champion)

The GSS trials event will be held on the 18th & 19th April at Kiama Wedge, Kiama or Mystics Beach, Minnamurra. The main event-waiting period will commence on the 20th April until May 1st. Kiama will be the central hub for the event with Mystics, Kiama and Gerroa wedge’s being the paramount event locations. The event will also double as an Australian Tour Event with ratings on offer for the National Tour of the IBA Australasia.

Event information:


Kiama Pavillion Wednesday April 17th,  4:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

$250.00 AUD cash only with entry form signed. No entry forms will be excepted without cash.

GSS Trials Event:

Kiama Wedge, Kiama Main Beach or Mystics Beach, Minnamurra – to be announced at check-in.

GSS Main Event:

April 20th – May 1st, Kiama region (Mobile). For all updates on event locations, please follow the IBA Facebook page and website for details.



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