The first day of the 2011 PIC challenge took place today in some fun wave s at Chilca.

Only 1 round of both the Pro Men and the DK were surfed and the results are below

Pro Men R1

Heat 1NameInfoP
33Kalani LattanziBrazil1
48Lucas IsnardBrazil3
49Juan Manoel MaldonadoPeru2
Heat 2NameInfoP
40Daniel BacigalupoPeru2
41Adam MorleySth Africa1
56Eugenio NicollinePERU3
Heat 3NameInfoP
36Emiliano TabareArgentina1
45Manuel RodriguezPeru3
52Adriano SilveiraBrazil2
Heat 4NameInfoP
37Leonardo CostaBrazil2
44Carlos SierraPeru3
53Igor SanchezCanary1
Heat 5NameInfoP
35Nicolas ChiaraArgentina2
46Renan FacciniBrazil1
51Joao GabrielBrazil3
Heat 6NameInfoP
38Renato ArelanoChile1
43Renzo FassioliPeru3
54Alejandro HernandezVenezuela2
Heat 7NameInfoP
34Roberto BrunoBrazil1
47Miguel FelicianoPuerto Rico2
50Luis FungPeru3
Heat 8NameInfoP
39Gabriel BrantesChile1
42Marcelo FreitasBrazil2

Pro DK R1

Heat 1NameInfoP
9David VelazquezVenezuela3
16Javier CruzadoPuerto Rico4
17Daniel AlvesBrazil1
24Manoel RodriguezPeru2
Heat 2NameInfoP
12Jorge HurtadoPeru3
13Emiliano TabareArgentina2
20Miguel FelicianoPuerto Rico4
21Renato ArellanoChile1
Heat 3NameInfoP
11Kiko GaldosPeru3
14Jeff HubbardHawaii1
19Luis FungPeru2
22Victor CheroPeru4
Heat 4NameInfoP
10Javier AraujoPeru2
15Ricardo SoteloPeru1
18Daniel PazPeru3
23Dario TaniVenez4

The main site to refer to is,although the PIC Facebook page may be updated a little quicker, so become a fan of them there too.
– TVPeru ran a broadcast from the event’s official opening and you can also see photos from the night here.
– When the event’s live, the live broadcast is found here and the heat draw will be here.

Note: 10pm Australian East Coast Time (or 8pm in WA) is 7am in Peru on the same day.
At the moment the swell forecast looks pretty good for Saturday & Sunday, the final two days of the comp. Then it looks like that stretch of coastline gets solid…

The conditions are shaping up insane for the weekend with a big swell expected to hit just in time for the finals.