Australian Tom Rigby (Qld) has moved one step closer to making the elite Top 24 in 2012 by taking the maximum 2000 points up for grabs at the IBA Pipe Pro in Hawaii.

The Global Qualifying Series (GQS) is structured in a way that there are three different equations that come into play to get a final end of year ranking

  1. The best result in a GSS Trials
  2. The best result in a GQS stand alone event
  3. The National Tour ranking

Rigby has claimed the maximum points available for a GSS Trials with his second at Pipe and can now focus on the second and third part of the equation

“ I honestly thought if I make the money round I would be happy”said Tom.

“ But I just kept getting through heats and ended up in the final. So I had to keep reevaluating at the end of every heat”

Rigby will now look towards the 6 Star Primary events for his next big result as well as a strong showing on the Rebel Sport Pro Tour for his National ranking.

The first of the 6 Star Primary GQS events will be the Peruvian Inka Challenge and Tom has his sights set on that event.

“ I am looking at all my options but I’d say that I will go to South America again and if all goes well maybe do Europe too” he added.

The other 6 Star GQS events will be at Ferrol during the Sintra leg and also the SA Pro at Knights Beach South Australia in September.

“ I really want to make the Top 8 of the GQS this year and get a contract with IBA for 2012 on the Top 24 GGS series” said Rigby.

The GQS ratings have been designed in such a way that riders like Tom can get one good result and then not have to leave their country to qualify for the GSS if they has success on the National Tour and GQS 6 Star event.

The next chance for another rider to gain the maximum 2000 points will be the BOX Trials at Gas Bay, WA in April.