How to Dress Like Your Favorite Sports Stars

How to Dress Like Your Favorite Sports Stars

This year a very big trend that has been taking the world by storm is athleisure wear. A lot of us spent the majority of last year slumming it at home and we were not ready to return to the world of tight jeans and uncomfortable clothing.

Many of us were inspired by some of our favorite sports stars and their casual and comfortable clothes. Though many of us have mastered the art of dressing for comfort, many of us have been struggling to find the balance between comfort and style. If you are someone that can relate to this struggle, then you may be looking for inspiration for what to wear. There is no better place to look for athleisure wear inspiration than your favorite sports stars. Here are some handy tips on how you can dress like the stars that you look up to.

Trendy Trainers

Dressing down for comfort only works if you have some trendy trainers to match it with. You cannot expect to match a tracksuit with a pair of heels or boots and so to complete your sports star outfit, we recommend that you get yourself some comfortable trainers. Right now, some of the most popular sports shoes you can buy are Jordans, but they can be quite pricey. With so many Jordans being released all of the time, it can be hard to keep track of which ones are in right now. Trying to figure this out for yourself can be challenging, which is why we recommend that you use a site that will do it for you. One of the most popular sites for Jordans is flight archives, which keeps track of every shoe ever released or worn by Michael Jordan himself.

I recommend that you have a browse of this site so you can gain some further education on which shoes can be bought right now and which shoes are fashionable.

Comfortable Bottoms

Another recommendation for dressing like your favorite sports stars is wearing comfortable bottoms. Right now there has been a resurgence in the number of people wearing baseball shorts and cycling shorts as a part of their daily fashion. These comfortable bottoms can be matched with a sports jersey or just any of your day to day clothing.

Swapping out your usual jeans or trousers for some more comfortable clothing will make going about your daily business much easier. As we are approaching the colder months of the year, then wearing more dressed down clothing is much more acceptable, then we recommend that you indulge as much as you would like.

Support Your Favorite Team

Something that you have likely noticed is that the sports stars that you love, often dress in merchandise of their teams. This merchandise is available to purchase from several online sources and will complete any sporty outfit that you may put together. This merchandise can be quite pricey, but it will really bring your whole look together and will show support for the teams that you know and love.